About Us

Registered in 2014, NCEHT is a registered Trust (IT020008/2014) and non-profit organization (155-489 NPO).


Steve Moseley

In 1990 Steve Moseley gave up his 8-5 job, sold his house, car, and belongings, and set off with a backpack to seek the meaning of life along the road less travelled.  That road has taken him to 35 counties on 4 continents. His travel experiences range from climbing the Mountains of the Moon, tracking Silverback Gorillas, diving the Great Barrier Reef, and crossing the Nubian Desert, to four wheel driving up Cape York to the northern most tip of Australia. For the past 16 years Steve has lived in the quaint village of Loxton in the heart of the Great Karoo and most of his time is spent writing about and photographing life in what is South Africa’s equivalent to the Australian ‘outback’. He contributes to local magazines, newspapers and has co-authored 3 travel guides.

Bonnie Schumann

Bonnie has been actively involved in conservation her whole life. She has a passion for conservation outside formally protected areas where much of South Africa’s (and in Namibia where she worked previously) biodiversity occurs. She specialised in cheetah ecology, behaviour and biomedical research, as well as carnivore conflict resolution for 11 years while working in Namibia with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. She is currently employed by the Endangered Wildlife Fund’s Drylands Conservation Programme (starting October 2011) working with landowners to promote biodiversity on farmland in the Karoo, with the focus being on the conservation of the Critically Endangered Riverine Rabbit.  As such she has extensive experience, and particularly enjoys working with landowners to implement collaborative conservation measures on privately owned land.